Xinshi Lin

Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
CONTACT: xslin(AT)
linkedin, github, google scholar

Research Interests

  • Semantic search (particularly entity retrieval)
  • Information Retrieval in the context of a knowledge graph
  • Natural language processing
  • Bin packing
  • Publications

    [Please send me an email to ask for softcopies if needed]

    Soft Kernel-based Ranking on a Statistical Manifold. Xinshi Lin and Wai Lam. SIGIR 2020  [source codes and runs][pdf]

    Entity Retrieval via Query Graph Inference. Xinshi Lin, Kwun Ping Lai, Zihao Wang and Wai Lam. EYRE 2018  [source codes and runs][pdf]
    (a system paper for the 1st International Workshop on Entity Retrieval co located with CIKM 2018)

    Entity Retrieval in the Knowledge Graph with Hierarchical Entity Type and Content. Xinshi Lin, Wai Lam and Kwun Ping Lai. ICTIR 2018  [pdf][slides][source codes]
    (This paper is one of ICTIR 2018 the best short paper award candidates)

    Entity Retrieval via Type Taxonomy Aware Smoothing. Xinshi Lin and Wai Lam. ECIR 2018  [pdf] [source codes]

    CUIS Team for NTCIR-13 AKG Task. Xinshi Lin, Wai Lam and Shubham Sharma. NTCIR-13, 2017 [pdf]

    CUIS Team for TREC 2017 CAR Track. Xinshi Lin, Wai Lam and Deepanway Ghosal. TREC 2017 [pdf]